You want to make a mod for Yandere Simulator …but you don’t want to update your mod for all version of Yandere Simulator ? There is a solution : Yandere Loader.

Why use Yandere Loader ?

Yandere Loader injects your mod no matter the version of Yandere Simulator. Yandere Loader is built for ease, just generate your mod and all you need to modify after is the json.

How to use Yandere Loader ?

You need :

  • Installed Visual Studio


  1. Download Yandere Simulator archive (here).
  2. Download Yandere Loader installer and dev kit (here and here).
  3. Extract Dev Kit in a folder.
  4. In the folder game, extract Yandere Simulator archive.
  5. Install Yandere Loader in game folder.
  6. Go into project and launch the solution “Mod.sln”.
  7. In Visual Studio, go into properties of project.
  8. Go in debugging tab and Select start external program.
  9. Select Loader.exe in game folder.
  10. Click on launch !

Now, in the game you’ll see Mod Example Label in red !

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